7 reasons why Small Business must have Mobile CRM

Since, everything around us is becoming more and more mobile, companies are finding that the best way to keep a good relationship with their customer is to become more creative and also increase the business by making the CRM available to the sales people for the use at out of office. When everyone is working like a closely-knit family without having to extend their workload, the machinery of a company runs smoother, more in balance and towards the same goal for further growth. Because of this, both mobile devices and a mobile sales force have merged to become Mobile CRM. The end result of implementing a truly mobile CRM is a changed and improved business. The following points highlights this.

  • Mobile CRM Collaboration helps more engagement of sales team : Mobile Collaboration leads to gain more control by being constantly updated on what is going on, being able to share tasks and ask colleagues for help or even distribute leads or tasks to team members or ticket lists available for other colleagues, all this through a mobile device, anywhere at any time.

    Studies have also shown that people enjoy being creative, and to become more creative you need to change environments, i.e. outside your office is a better place to become creative and this will help making employees more committed and satisfied. Therefore, utilizing different skills and behavior in different steps of the sales process is vital to maximize your chance to win the opportunity. All this requires good support for collaboration, especially when working outside of the office.

  • Shortens the sales cycle: Mobile CRM software, will also help in increasing sales. With the rise of mobile computing, smart devices, and cloud-based data networks, businesses are finding that anything that can be done digitally in the office, can also be accomplished very easily on the go. Mobile CRM also helps in shortening of the sales cycle. Reps no longer have to waste time, trying to recollect the conversation they last had with a prospect. Since information is updated on the go, it is easier for reps to focus on winning “new opportunities”.
  • Access to crucial Information:With the help of mobile CRM all crucial information is readily available. The mobile device will enable sales reps to get easy access to all important information like customers’ product holding, past purchase history, recent transactions, etc. Reps will be able to plan and prepare for a meeting on location and follow up with a prospect while on the road.
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  • Lead Management: Lead Management is the generation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business. Mobile CRM for lead management isn’t just about logging contact details. They’re about streamlining your day as well as gathering valuable insights that helps improve the process streamlining and new marketing plans. Relaso Sales-CRM is an intuitive app that helps you capture a Lead through Phone Call or SMS. You can also generate the Lead from Email and Bulk SMS campaign from the Web interface.
  • Improves decision making processin Critical time: Giving remote employees access to CRM data from any mobile device, such as smartphones and tablets, allows them to conveniently update and interact with the information. Mobile CRM systems enable managers to post a task and help employees update the status of a project or lead while attaching files from any location. Although, previously, it was sufficient for organizations to collect monthly status reports on project development,firms now require immediate communication and updates in order to maintain a competitive advantage. Therefore, the ability to use CRM from mobile devices has become crucial in terms of real time Analytics.
  • Measuring Return on Investment: If you are very much interested about ROI from your mobile CRM, you have to consider multipurpose solution that includes Accounting and Project management. A good mobile CRM solution helps your business to increase profit in the following ways:
    1. By streamlining business processes through using one software solution.
    2. Accounting and quoting is made much easier using a good mobile CRM solution. Outstanding accounts can be highlighted easily so that they can be followed up quickly
    3. The mobile solution score and assign leads automatically to sales teams.
    4. It also provides salespeople more data to serve potential customers much better way and increases close rate and deal size.
  • Manage your opportunity easily: See what stage an Opportunity is at, look at the Details and Activities. Move the Opportunity if you are ready. See what Accounts and Contacts are associated with the opportunity. Using mobile CRM you can manage potential business in your sales funnel. You can create opportunities to define the value of the business, manage pipelines and associated activity sets, opportunity funnel stages and categories, probability of winning, and forecast close dates. In addition, the opportunity reports give a top down view of the health of your business.