6 Essential Features of Mobile CRM you absolutely need for your Business

“Mobile CRM” – it’s a fairly new term. However, this tool is increasingly getting important to marketers, developers and product managers. With the ability to access Mobile CRM, sales teams improve productivity by 15 percent and gain much needed mobility. Mobile CRM solutions help field workers maintain access to enterprise data, no matter where they are. CRM mobile apps sometimes miss features required in the desktop version, which makes them unsuitable for the traveling salespeople who use CRM on the go. Since, more and more people are bringing Bring-your-own-device at work, more companies are looking for CRM solution , designed for mobile environment. This article highlights the five key features of mobile CRM.

Business Level security: Today, one of the most major components for CRM initiative is mobility. There are so many security aspect involved like app design and architecture, the device, network factors, the system in place for mobile app management, the user’s habits and practices. The Mobile CRM should address all of the above areas. There are plenty of security concerns for remote access, considering the fact that the sales team may be using personal mobile devices for access. For instance, one key thing can damage your total sales process in case of a data breach in the middle of the sales pipeline. You want the best security measures for your CRM app irrespective of the fact that you run a small or big company.


Integrating Analytics with the app: This is very crucial for a company to utilize real-time analytics and right metrics for earning a better result. Your marketing campaigns is going to like the power of insights drawn from analysis of real user behavior and profile data. Relaso sales CRM is a Cloud based on demand mobile app that integrates a fully featured, seamlessly integrated, advanced analytics, powered by Relaso Reports. You can choose a total of 56 reports from 11 categories like Time Spent, Invoice, Payment, Revenue and Expense reports etc. You can search a report category by name using the Search icon. Additionally, you can view different infographics in real time on the web like Deal Vs, Pipeline Stage and Status, Realized revenue vs Projected revenue and Profit etc.

Data Synchronization: At some place, it is difficult to establish wireless connections. But Sales Reps may need to access and review a specific data set or make changes or updates information based on their recent activities. Relaso Mobile CRM app allows users to work offline, then automatically synchronizes data bi-directionally once a connection is established. With a mobile CRM application, remote workers should be able to access vital corporate information, anytime, anywhere, directly from their handheld devices, ultimately, making them more productive and efficient business processes.

Lead Generation and Follow up: If sales lead is rightly tracked and nurtured, that can provide a revenue generating opportunity. However, you have to have the right process and tools in place so that these are successful result of sales planning. For this reason, any company considers lead management as one of the core activities for their sales and marketing process. Lead Generation is associated with Lead Capturing, Lead Qualification and conversion of Lead to potential customer. An online sales CRM like Relaso Sales-CRM is built for small teams that helps you capture, track and organize leads through an easy to use visual interface. You can also import your existing Contacts and Leads in bulk from your Spreadsheet, Facebook, Linkedin etc. At the end, your team is ready to hit the road.

Email Campaign: Email campaigns are the core area for customer nurturing and sales generation. A good Mobile CRM software system will allow your business to not only create directed and targeted email campaigns, but also track responses and organize the data. All email interactions are kept on the CRM database, so any necessary updates for information can be readily made for every prospect and customer. The integrated emarketing system of your CRM will tell you who is looking at what, and why they are or are not clicking through on your email campaigns. You should go for a CRM that lets you create the right kind of report for the particular purpose of your specific sales measurement needs.

Integration of Social CRM: Gartner predicts the social media revenue to increase by over 34 billion in 2016. Social CRM makes it possible for a business to collaborate effectively with others, outside the line of formal authority, to achieve organizational goals and to resolve issues. With Social CRM, you can follow people, post status updates, respond, share; manage groups or even post files/links. CRM applications that have social features make your business much easier to engage in conversations with your customer and/or target audience outside of the regular communications from a website or email conversation.

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