How Mobile CRM can Increase your Business Productivity?

We live in a global marketplace. It has become more like a necessity rather than than luxury to conduct business while mobile and from anywhere. By utilizing a few key mobile applications, you can enhance the business productivity inside and outside the office. Gradually, companies started to give more attention on mobile CRM. According to the study by Yankee Group, the goal of nearly half of companies planning to implement mobile CRM is to increase the number of client touches, while 40% hope to improve communication and coordination among employees, and 25% want to improve innovation. The survey found that 56% of mobile CRM users are executives, 40% are salespeople, and 23% are field technicians. The following points highlights this.


Must Have Mobile Technology: Modern sales team needs a mobile solution that enhances the requirement to offer the most profitable deals and customers in the pipeline. They demand mobile CRM systems that helps them work together with other sales reps; share information inside and outside of the company; and increase their knowledge to effectively develop the responses to customer requests at any time, any place, and in a way that surprises the customer. Relaso Sales CRM team identifies the requirement i.e. speed, ease of operation, consolidated information, and the essential feature like reports.

Integrate Back Office operation: Traditional mobile CRM applications are good for contacts and account information, but, most of the time, unable to access quotes, sales orders, outstanding invoices or product delay information. The only way to achieve this is to integrate back-office systems like ERP and supply chain software into the mobile CRM system. With those integration, you can easily respond to customer questions like "how many orders you can deliver by Thursday?" You can take a look of customer's purchase history and outstanding and resolved customer service issues.

In-house Collaboration: Remote employees like field service technicians and sales professionals, can now be more efficient because mobile CRM essentially provides them the ability to perform core CRM functions, such as accessing, documenting and interacting with customer data directly on a mobile device. This convenience provides employees the easy way to stick to processes that ultimately improve sales productivity as a whole. Additionally, mobile CRMs can help sales reps meet their sales target because they can access, update and interact with sales data wherever they are.

Mobile CRM boosts micro-productivity: At least 70 percent of the American population own or have access to smartphones, which makes this technology a common access point for businesses. The ability to quickly access enterprise CRM through mobile phones enables the feature of microproductivity. Small tasks can be achieved in between more complicated tasks, such as answering a brief customer query through CRM communications or quickly reviewing a buyer profile stored in the database. These small time saving tricks add up to a big reduction in the amount of time spent for the completion of daily tasks. Further, Small and medium-size organizations, looking to increase productivity will invest in mobile solutions that provides seamless interaction between customers, staff and technology

Customer Satisfaction: The ultimate goal of CRM software is to improve relationships between businesses and their customers. However, mobile CRM apps provide some unique benefit to business houses. It allows them to access customer information anytime. Since, sales and customer service reps can access the information, they are able to respond to customers more efficiently. Many mobile CRM apps provide filter that sort customer questions according to urgency and not just by subject. This allows the reps to respond to customers in appropriate time period and it also helps eliminating revenue loss from lengthy response times to urgent questions. In addition, mobile CRM apps integrates tools that route customer questions to the appropriate departments rather then everything going to one customer service email address.

Geo-location: The unique feature of mobile CRM app is the ability to locate your customers in and around your current location. With the help of the Location Services in your Smartphones, the app detects your customer’s location within a specified radius from your current spot. You will be able to view all of your customers' address on a beautiful map. Your sales team can check-in at the client’s location to record their visits so that you, as a manager, can review it by the end of the day. Relaso Sales CRM mobile app incorporates all of the location check-in features that was mentioned above.

Accounting Feature of Mobile CRM Integrating your accounting software, such as Relaso Sales CRM, with your CRM solution can further maximize your small business efficiency. It transforms your CRM business into Accounting CRM. This further ensures that you don't need a separate accounting software to manage Invoices and Payments etc. The CRM app assists you in tracking all important accounting transactions with useful reports. You will be able to generate Invoice, payment, expense and estimate right from the app.

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