How Mobile CRM has Changed the face of Marketing

CRM allows businesses to keep organized customer data that can be accessed in an efficient manner to serve the client in a better way. But as technology is getting more and more mobile, businesses realized that perhaps the best way to maintain a good relationship with customers is by making CRM accessible while on the go. In other word, Mobile is changing the face of the business.

Further, consumers generally carry the cellphones everywhere for the vast majority of each day. This is very different from their relationships with PCs. By customizing a CRM program to a consumer’s mobile availability, brands find far more and far richer moments of opportunity to deliver their messages. Using Mobile CRM, brands can also use the consumers’ ability to take action at virtually any time and from virtually anywhere.

Enhance Sales Opportunity:With the use of Mobile CRM, Customers see the improved service and reduced turnaround times. As a result of this, employee productivity and engagement improve, and information becomes more accurate and practical. In the end, sales reps will see a definite increase in sales opportunities. Given the fact that mobile app experiences is getting richer, more engaging, and more entertaining compared to web apps, brands can deliver more effective messages in these environments.

Relaso Sales CRM is a mobile based on demand solution that integrates the following features to enhance the sales process.

  • Know prior communications, upcoming meetings, revenue generated, outstanding payments of the client, even before receiving a call from them.
  • Every call made/attended by the sales rep is logged into the CRM.
  • Add note during/after every call against the contact/lead.
  • Check-in at client location from the app to record the number of visits

Better Customer Expectation: Since, more tasks can be achieved through mobile CRM, and better customer service is provided by sales rep, customers’ expectations begin to rise. Buyers will be satisfied because long turnaround times, delayed responses to inquiries, or disorganization will become things of the past. Customers now know what is possible, and they started to see these new possibilities as the norm when it comes to customer service. As per the recent study, "42% of service agents are unable to efficiently resolve customer issues due to disconnected systems, archaic user interfaces, and multiple applications."


Improves Business Analysis: Businesses are gathering data with the addition of new contact, every sale, and with every minute during the day. The idea is that they will be able to organize that raw data into a meaningful and actionable results. Since, there is huge information available on a daily basis, it can be difficult to filter it all down into something actionable. Mobile CRM helps everyone in the sales process access the information as needed and updated in real time as it is collected. Additionally, CRM can organize and present that data in a comprehensible way, so that businesses can interpret easily.

Sales Funnel Management: A sales funnel is a visual representation of the steps required to sell your product or service. The sales funnel gives you a complete overview of where in the sales process your money is.

A sales funnel shows how many prospects you have in each stage of your sales cycle, and also details the conversion rates for each stage. This further tells you whether you have enough deals in your funnel to meet your goals, and whether you need to pay special attention to certain deals.

The first step for effective sales funnel management is to measure the sales funnel metrics of your business. Measuring all these metrics is not easy. Collecting the data on a regular basis takes hard work and Relaso Sales CRM helps you do it effectively. Your sales team can manage their sales funnel from the app while on the go.

More device Options with Mobile CRM: Companies have adopted gradually Buy Your Own Device (BYOD) work environment. As per the recent research, the new environment has generated $350 per year per BYOD employee in terms of increased revenue. Mobile CRM is cloud-based, and is designed to work with multiple platforms. That's why the reps in the field are going to be more conversant of using familiar operating system. As a result of this, they will be able to generate more leads and close sale. In other word, they’ll be able to better focus their attention on the task in hand.

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