How You Can Boost Your Sale With Mobile CRM

You can organize customer data with the help of CRM. The data can be accessed throughout the company in order to better serve clientele. But as technology is getting more and more mobile, the best way you can keep positive relation with the customers is by making CRM accessible on the go. Since mobile computing, smart devices, and cloud-based data networks are becoming popular, businesses are finding that anything that can be done digitally in the office, can also be accomplished just as easily while on the go.

Share Information with the Sales Team : Your salespeople can update and synchronise information on the move as well as sharing real-time data from across the company. Your salespeople can free themselves from day-to-day sales tasks based on desktop because they can now carry a tablet or smartphone. Relaso Sales CRM developed a cloud based Mobile app that provides you the ability to update leads, contacts and opportunities, open and share files and access dashboard on the web.


Allocate your Sales Resource in a better way: Bigger clients may ask for more resources from your sales team. This could mean you have to deploy more resources in the first place and continue providing service over the length of the contract. Some prospects may not need as many people. Good CRM software provides you the ability to see at a glance how your sales resources are allocated. This makes it easier to make intelligent decisions about how best to deploy your team.

Stay on the Top of the Accounts: With the help of Mobile CRM, sales team can document the details that is gathered from the customer end and keep track of tasks, rich information is available for follow up and they hardly miss any to-do. Mobile CRM enables sales reps to create and share custom quotes when they are meeting the client, increasing the likelihood that they’ll close the sale. Relaso sales CRM app provides you integrated accounting with the Sales CRM. The app helps your sales team to do invoicing and payment right from the app. Your reps can also create task and meeting as well as set a reminder with this app.

Communicate and Collaborate: Sales, Service and Marketing all collect different data at different point of time. When remote employees upload new contact or account details, it gets automatically synchronized so that field people can see the same information. Once sales teams realize that CRMs benefit their work and lead generation, chances are high that they are more likely to collaborate and listen. Collaboration can also improve the team work by making it less stressful. Since happy workers are more productive, collaboration can benefit everyone’s interest. Weekly meetings to discuss the sales status and a communication tool (like Slack) can make cooperation into real teamwork.

Mobile Sales Pipeline and Opportunity Management: This tool helps Sales Team manage activities at important stages, measure what needs to be done and ensure the team is focused to achieve the best possible sales results. It explains the individual sales stages salespeople take from initial contact with a potential customer to qualifying that prospect into a lead. Then the lead may be further escalated into a sales opportunity, following some predefined stages set by the company.

A mobile app like Relaso Sales CRM manages Sales Pipeline in real-time, watch out for blocker issues and rectify them. Additionally, the Deal or Opportunity management module can close more deals in an efficient way. Relaso Mobile App organizes everything you need to know about each deal, helping you and your team accomplish more.

CRM with Data Analytics: Data Analytics or BI tools help companies organize and manage customer and transaction data as a whole so that management can improve tactical and strategic decision-making for company's growth. The aim of Data Analytics is to pull data information from a variety of business systems and organize it into a business "dashboard. Dashboards display information in real time and show key performance indicators. The business manager can quickly go through KPIs on the dashboard and drill down further to make business decisions and projections and manage the overall health of the organization.

Relaso Sales CRM app integrates 56 reports from 11 categories like Overview, Sales Pipeline, Invoice, Time Spent, Revenue, Expense reports etc. Additionally, the web end of the application shows different crucial infographics like Deal Vs Opportunity stages and status, Realized Revenue vs Projected Revenue and profits in real time on Deal Dashboard. Communicator Dashboard provides visual summaries of key business information like activity, task, meeting, opportunity, contact, business.

Accounting: The Accounting Module is the foundation module of Relaso CRM mobile app. It ensures that you don't need a separate accounting software to manage Invoices and Payments etc. The integrated operational module maximizes the efficiency by giving a holistic business view. The CRM app assists you in tracking all important accounting transactions with useful reports. You will be able to generate Invoice, payment, expense and estimate right from the app.