Internet Lead Conversion - Single Most Important Information Every Small Business Owner Must Know

I am sure you have read tons of articles on how to optimize your landing page and how to make your Call-to-Action button bigger. And if you are instantly and automatically fulfilling your orders then you may stop now. However if your sales cycle involves calling the customer then read on.

Prospective buyers fill out 3 to 5 lead forms on average. As such you can guess time to call a lead should be an important factor. How important it really is? How important it is to be the first to call the prospect?

In a ground-breaking MIT Study (see below), it has been found that the first business to contact a lead increase conversion by an astounding 238%! You read that right but that’s not all. They also found that more than 65% of all conversions occur just on first call.

You might still be thinking sure, let’s call after 10 minutes after a cup of coffee. That should be fast enough, right?

Wrong! Calling a lead more than just 5 minutes after a lead is submitted has a 46% lower lead qualification rate than calling less than 5 minutes. Whether it is an Internet Lead or Lead from Phone, the same general principle applies - faster is better, much better. It was found that response speed is the best predictor of a closed transaction.

Now ask yourself this: Do you have after-hour and weekend call response facility?

Internet leads die a quick death. Based on the study, the odds of contacting a lead in 5 minutes vs. half-an-hour drop by a staggering 100 times. Just from 5 to 10 minutes the odds decrease by 5 times.

The key question to ask yourself is: Can your business afford to lose enormous amount of leads due to slow response times? If not, what are you doing about it now?

What if you could not only get your lead details in your mobile but instantly call them up, send them an estimate or even proforma invoice, schedule a meeting all while you are on call and the best part is that the data is automatically logged in your CRM with practically no effort on your part?

With Relaso One you can to it do it easily, systematically and with elegance. Relaso One seamlessly integrates your Email, SMS & Phone communications, makes lead emails (via Internet Forms or Email) and phone calls available on your mobile as well as on Relaso One Cloud (Web Application). It allows you to instantly respond to your lead email by calling up the prospect, sending him a quick quotation, proforma invoice, and more. Forget old age CRM’s. You don’t have to record your phone calls and Text messages manually any more, Relaso One does that automatically for you. Take notes while you talk, even record your call!

Take a obligation-free, completely free (as in free bear; no credit-card required) trial today, test drive it for a whole month before you decide whether Relaso One is the right tool for your business. After that it you decide to continue its just 9.99 per month for Web Application and Mobile App. You can join anytime within the trial period.

In this article I have assumed that you already have a lead collection form where the lead is captured and sent to you via email. Do you need help to set it up?

Relaso One not only integrates leads collected via Internet Lead Form but also leads via Phone calls including Missed Calls and SMS.

One last thing. In spite of your best efforts as your volume of business increases you may find yourself overwhelmed at times to keep up with leads and customers communicating with you via Email, SMS and calls. However you cannot afford to miss any of them, can you?

Relaso One provide an unique feature via un-responded tab which tracks all your communication across channels and only shows communications which you haven’t responded yet. It is intelligent. So if your prospect sent you an SMS / Text and you have responded via Email, it recognizes that you have responded by any of the channels and removes it from un-responded list. This is a single place where you can instantly call back / respond to your un-responded items in a single go. Better late than never as they say.

You can always reach me by email angsuman [at] relaso [dot] com with your questions, comments and suggestions.

Reference: How Much Time Do You Have Before Web-Generated Leads Go Cold? Research Study by James Oldroyd, PhD ??? Sloan School of Management, MIT

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