Ten Things You Loose If you Don’t Adopt Mobile CRM today

In a world where both your sales force and your customers are highly mobile, having a mobile customer relationship management (CRM) solution just makes good business sense. Mobile technology has been with us for a long time now, and the mobile phone in particular changed the way we live and work. On top of that, today we’re in a global economy. That means customers are, quite literally, everywhere. And as businesses become more decentralized and more people are working remotely, so are the employees quite literally everywhere. But the bottom line is that a CRM isn’t just going to help you do your job, it’s going to make sure your business is going to be profitable. The following article highlights what you are going to lose if you don't adopt mobile CRM today.

  • Use past customer behavior: Customer behavior records are very important tools in order to a growing business. That’s why it is crucial to have a CRM solution in place that will compile the customer data into an easily readable format. It gives you to do further analysis to work for maximum advantage. Using a Customer Relationship Management system to compile data on customer behavior puts you in a favorable position so that you can foresee customer needs rather than reacting to them, and it ensures that your sales pipelines are always flowing freely and customer satisfaction remains high.
  • Sales Meeting in a mess: Nothing is worse than a sales meeting that goes haywire. Like when management doesn’t have visibility to what’s going on in each sales rep’s pipeline. Or when the creation of any type of report is a giant headache, and you have to open several applications and copy and paste data into Excel or PowerPoint. If your sales meetings are a growing source of frustration, it’s time to consider a mobile CRM.
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  • Marketing has no idea if their strategy is even working: It’s a great idea for your marketing department to invest in marketing campaigns, but unless you know which campaigns are working, it’s doesn't make any sense. Both sales and marketing should have complete visibility and understanding into what each other is doing to achieve to the shared end goal. And gaining that insight shouldn’t involve sales bothering marketing, nor should it involve logging into another system. A mobile CRM app like Relaso Sales CRM takes care of these problems easily.
  • Customer communication is difficult to maintain: Compiling and updating email lists, composing customized communications, and tracking customer responses are important marketing strategies in which all small businesses need to engage. The problem is, these tasks are often tedious, and unlike the Fortune 500 companies, you don’t have a roster of interns and assistants to whom you can pass the buck. One of the key benefits of mobile CRM software is its ability to simplify and automate the customer communication process, freeing you to focus more on front-line customer engagement.
  • Customer Databases is too big to maintain: It is difficult to maintain a system when you see that your customer data is spread across many different systems that don’t communicate with each other. This creates a big issue for your employees as well as customers because information is often outdated in one system and certain employees may not be able to provide an up-to-date response to the client. A cloud based mobile CRM solution stores all of your customer’s information in one system that can be accessed from anywhere, giving your entire organization the ability to quickly and truthfully respond to any customer query.
  • Where is my marketing staff today: The ability to integrate location-based services with existing CRM data provides unique value for your sales team. Geo-location gives you the answer of "Where", and takes your data to the next level. Visualization and mapping insights can elevate your CRM to another level of performance. Using Relaso Sales CRM's Location Based Service, your sales team can check-in at the client’s location to record their visits.
  • Consolidating Information:How should I get the information I need now? How many tax returns do we need to do next January? How many support contracts are due for renewal this month end? Information that usually takes hours and sometimes days to gather can be data mined through your Mobile CRM database to generate lists and mail merged to produce letters, emails and spreadsheets in a very short period of time.
  • Organization is trying to improve support and service: Using Mobile CRM, organizations is able to do better jobs of servicing customers and improving their experience. Problems and feedback can be received in real time and faster responses an be accomplished. Context of social interactions also allows more response. Now customers can help each other that results to decrease in support cost and more purchases can be achieved through better experience.
  • Data Sources for Lead Generation: You can buy Data today including leads. In the past, this often meant a random approach, where companies bought tens of thousands of names and addresses. Then, they did either cold-call or send email. This approach had a limited success rate: Many sources said that a success rate of less than 2% was achievable, with some sources saying even as low as 0.3%.

    So, where you get your lead data from? Social media platforms are very useful lead sources. Your followers, friends can show an interest in your message, service or product, and potential customers may also show interest and engagement with your brand on social platforms. Mobile CRM applications can connect you with social presence. Integrating the data into a CRM system builds a list of potential customers that have already expressed an interest in you.

  • Data Analysis: The CRM solution has the ability to capture conversations and profiles from most social media as necessary. This data can then be analyzed for keywords to figure out over all customer sentiment - positive, negative, neutral, etc. which provides very useful information related to popularity monitoring for products, services and competitors. It also provides some useful insight for the upper management's decision-making.

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