Unique itches of Small Business Owners and Independent Professionals and how to scratch them

November 5th, 2014

Scaratching the unique itches of an Entrepreneur & Small Business OwnersThe unique itches of an Entrepreneur, Independent Professional and Small Business owners, problems so specific to his business only he will understand and appreciate - the growing pains coupled with wearing too many crucial hats at the same time, how to provide top-notch customer service with few or even zero staff, how to respond rapidly to inbound leads and increase conversion, how to ensure not a single communication, be it through Phone call, SMS or Email, remains unresponded, how to manage your day better and more efficiently and be constantly aware of the financial health and progress of your business.

Here are some of the key problems and how you can solve them with a single business app - Relaso One

Increase conversion with better, faster & consistent communication

  • Know prior communication, task & scheduled meeting before receiving call
  • Dazzle them by sending them an estimate or generate an invoice even while on call
  • Schedule a meeting, allocate yourself (or your partner) one or more tasks
  • Sell something on the spot and send them cash sales receipt by email or sms or just print it on your mobile printer
  • Multi-tag for rapid classification, future campaigns or to save typing; like typing? no worries, we will intelligently tag it for you

Better and faster customer service

  • From call screen know total revenue your client generated (and prioritize?), total outstanding, scheduled task, meeting and latest note
  • Instantly find entire communication and financial transaction history to better serve your clients needs
  • Send a pre-canned response from a previous note by email / sms, schedule a meeting if required, all while on call

Outstanding Payment recovery

  • When you receive a call (or send) know from the call screen total payment outstanding (temper it with knowledge of total revenue generated) so you can gently remind him to clear the dues
  • Use Payment Outstanding report (sorted by amount) to call up on a regular basis till the dues are cleared. We will also gently remind you on weekly basis.

Collaborate with your partner in real time

Relaso One provides unique 1+1 collaboration. A subscription for your mobile also allows your (trusted) partner or secretary to access your data in real time from the web.

  • Your partner or secretary, with access, can see your tasks and meetings, can also schedule new tasks and meetings for you which is updated on your mobile and you are duly notified.
  • Sitting maybe hundreds of miles away, (s)he is immediately aware of your missed or unresponded calls via the cloud and follow it up without any delay.
  • View your tasks, call notes and tags and accordingly send brochures and fulfill the orders you generated.
  • Using the web application, (s)he can very easily conduct targeted SMS or Email marketing campaign to micro-segments filtered in real time with multiple tag selection.
  • Keep on top of financial health of your business with Revenue & Expense Reports and 54 more real-time business reports on mobile. Optimize your lead targeting & efficiency with time spent report.
  • And much more for you to explore…

In conclusion…

We help you to retain your small-business atmosphere while projecting an image like bigger business. All while staying cost-effective and in control.

Privacy & security is our prime concern and we aggressively strive to protect you and your data.

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