Why Relaso?

December 4th, 2011
Why choose Relaso

Why choose Relaso

Why Relaso?

  • Simple to use, even Class 4 dropouts use it

  • Customizable to your every needs

  • Capable to serve your complex analytics & reporting needs (multiple formats)

  • Accessible even from Rs 890 phones, without internet / data connectivity

  • Rich interface for Internet enabled phones & tablet devices

  • No software to install, No minimum hardware requirements

  • Open API, open access to your data 24/7

  • Highly Secure. No backup, data protection, virus, trojan, malware worries

  • Intelligent algorithms reduces typing, supplements data & improves efficiency

  • Fine grained, highly customizable roles and permissions

  • Communicate & collaborate with staff & leads, contacts anytime, anywhere

  • Bi-directional Web, Email, SMS, Social Media & Blog integration

  • Zero or minimal upfront cost (Software-as-a-Service)

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