Why You Need Mobile Customer Relationship Management?

There is a mass migration from desktop PC to Mobile platform in the last few years. As per the recent study, the mobile traffic grows from 1% in 2009 to 13% in 2013, and it's still growing. Mobile CRM is the CRM tool that was designed for handheld device like Smartphones, Tablet etc. Now, users expect to access or update the information in real time, not when they get back to office. During the post PC era, organizations realized that they must run their critical business applications where they are the most effective. From marketing standpoint, this means running CRM applications on handheld devices that can be used while a mobile worker is still away with the customer.

"What good is the data you've collected about your customers if it is locked away in a database somewhere?" said Paulo Chow, director of product marketing, Siebel Handheld. "You need to empower the people that are interacting with those customers."

If you integrate the CRM with your Salespeople, they can update the information on the move and they can also share the information with other employees of your company simultaneously. In other word, Mobile CRM can serve the purpose of daily task in easier way compared to the same ability on the desktop. However, Mobile CRM platform has matured a lot lately. If you add cloud technology to mobile CRM system, you are synchronizing data not only with a local copy - you're accessing live, centralized information from whatever device you select. The distributed team can share the information in real time. They can also share, update and send business proposal on the run. The key features of Mobile CRM are as follows:

  • Sales Funnel Management (SFM): It is just like bottom up pyramid. Top of the funnel contains those people who are interested about your product due to advertisement or marketing campaign. Those people who have initial commitment about your product beyond basic information are branded as Lead. They go to the middle of the Funnel. A potential lead is someone who is ready to purchase and they go to bottom stage of the funnel. Every successful sales person requires to identify potential lead that can be converted to potential customer. The benefit of SFM is to identify and focus your effort on the right people rather than wasting time with those people who are not interested. A CRM tool like Relaso Sales-CRM integrates the SFM and keeps track of different customers and their specific requirements.

  • Lead Management: Lead Management is a process of managing prospective customers. The process helps businesses understand which strategy are generating the best leads, so that you can optimize your sales strategy to be more effective. Lead Management includes Lead Generation, Capture of customer inquiry, Filtering and Grading the Lead , Lead Assignment, Lead Nurture (Sorted Leads that need to be followed up). Relaso Sales-CRM System helps convert Lead to actual customer in addition to tracking multi-channel campaigns.

  • Deal or Opportunity Management: Opportunity Management is based on Sales Pipeline Management. The Sales Pipeline helps you figure out where the money is in your sales process. You'ill be able to understand at which stage any deal is, whether you have enough deals in hand to achieve your target and quota or certain deals need special attention. The Opportunity Management standardize your sales process and move forward your opportunity by utilizing optimization of sales pipeline overflow. It gives you guideline how to improve your sales process and improve your WIN rate. Relaso Sales-CRM integrates Pipeline and opportunity Management very efficiently to improve your chances of winning a Deal. You will be able to forecast your revenue based on the previous performance of the Sales Pipeline.

  • Check-in Report: Sometimes the sales people need to record their visit at a client site so that management knows the exact location of their visit. All they have to do is to hit the "Check In" item from the menu. Relaso Sales-CRM software has the very unique capability to record the number of visit of your sales people by using GPS. Additionally, you can generate a report to see the number of visit of a salesperson during a certain period of time.

  • Accounting: Pairing the Accounting module transforms your CRM system into an accounting CRM. It optimizes your business efficiency. Additionally, you will get a holistic view about all of your accounts and presenting the result in report form. Relaso Sales-CRM provides you the ability to generate invoice, record payment, direct and indirect expenses. Also, you will get a clear picture of different accounts by generating Invoice, Payment, Expense report etc.

  • Call Screen: Many times your salespeople may want to know total revenue your client generated, total outstanding, scheduled tasks, meetings and latest notes during a call. Relaso Sales-CRM integrates this feature with the module.

  • Real Time Reports: The intuitive interface of Relaso Sales-CRM allows you to share powerful reports with your team in real time. These CRM reports provides you the analytics to take informed decisions and achieve better business goals. There are 12 different reports like Sales Pipeline, Time Spent, Revenue, Payment, Check-in etc.

  • Additional Features of CRM: For segmentation and analysis, Relaso Sales-CRM module added the capability of tagging for contact, client, Opportunity etc. Additionally, you can also effectively use Sales-CRM module for setting up Tasks and Meeting with the client.

Although, every company has not yet integrated mobile CRM, it's gradually becoming in-dispensable tool for salespeople and other CRM users. The ease-of-use and the availability of Mobile CRM on the go offers many benefits and allows users to work more efficiently and accurately.

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